Door Installation and Repairs

Door Installation and Repairs

Door installation and repairs in Melbourne

Don’t put up with malfunctioning doors and sticky locks at home but get help right away. FCG provides a solution to all sorts of door repair tasks. We also specialize in the installation, replacement services for Melbourne homeowners who need new hardware on their old hulking constructions from time to time or just want some improvements made before selling their properties off the market – talk about convenience when looking after your investments (or if you’re living somewhere else).

Door Repair Specialists

When it comes to your home’s locks and doors, you can’t count on just anyone. FCG is the only company that has a team of expert craftsmen with decades upon decades of experience in fixing any type or brand of lock-related problem. A quick call will have our experts coming over straight away so they can start working their magic right away – saving both time (and money) by having someone else fix those problems instead; not to mention ensuring all safety concerns are met as well because when every second counts during emergencies. Our technicians are trained and experienced to fix different types of doors, so if you’re having trouble with yours then don’t hesitate to get in touch. And even if it’s something outside their expertise they can still send someone out for a consultation.

What to expect from FCG’S door repair & installation service?

On the day of your appointment, our experts with a set of carpentry skills will arrive promptly at your address. He will wear his “knowledge hat” and bring all the right equipment to complete this job quickly so you can get back into your home or office as soon as possible! Depending on what door service we’ve scheduled for today–whether it’s replacing an old but damaged lock cylinder (or fixing one) if that applies), removing stubborn deadbolts from their hinges, installing new ones where necessary.

The door installation technician will remove the old and install a new one to match perfectly with your frame. He can also adjust knobs, handles for the functionality of this brand-new doorknock. FCG’S door repair experts won’t just replace an outdated entranceway – he’ll make sure it looks good too by adding accessories like spy holes or mailboxes as requested by you beforehand.

We offer regular building & property maintenance and servicing solutions, call us today!

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