Fire Doors

Fire Doors

Fire Door Specialists in Melbourne

FCG is Melbourne’s leading fire door installer with vast industry experience. We take our responsibilities seriously and provide high-quality work for customers in need of protection from unwanted intruders or tragedies like fires which can cause significant property damage, family members who love living at home as well as your employees if you have any businesses open around the area where it happened. Our mantra here is “First class safety starts below”. That’s why every project begins by installing clean air seals throughout each building; ensuring there will never again be an issue when saving lives during emergencies.

FGC is here to help you with all your fire safety needs. We offer inspections, repairs and replacements that fully conform to the Essential Service requirements of this industry so we can get it done right. Our team has decades worth of experience installing escapes or providing maintenance services for every type including recent changes like 3rd party testing on Australia’s new standards. You need to be conscious of the doors in your building and how they are connected. Fire, smoke, and exit devices will help you get out safely during an emergency.

Fire Door Services

Commercial doors, fire doors and factory exits are our specialties. With vast experience working only to the highest degree of standards we offer a range of services that will meet your needs perfectly. We offer a wide range of door services including basic internal office doors, solid core metal clad and fire-rated doors. We can provide this for your company in Melbourne (and surrounding suburbs).

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