New Build

New Build

New Build Carpentry in Melbourne

At FCG, we don’t believe in restricting ideas. If you have a vision for your new home’s design and style, then our team will work with any budget or funding source imaginable to make that happen. The excitement of building something from scratch makes all the stress worth it by providing an exquisite, finished product tailored specifically toward client needs; not ours.

As you move into your new home, it should be an extension of who are and reflect the individual that lives inside. Sure, we have ideas for new builds. On what we like, and think does work but at the end of the day it’s you who will live in this house, so it’s got to be created with consultation from your needs too! We want to take out dreams and make them come true- just like any other custom home builder would do

We know exactly how much space or budget someone might need based on their lifestyle goals, then break down rooms into smaller spaces if needed before designing an open floor plan around these different areas.

New build Experts

If you’re looking for a carpentry company with the experience and expertise to design high-quality plans that consider planning restrictions, engineering specifications then look no further. At FCG Carpentry we have just what your project needs. We can help come up with space-saving ideas so there’s plenty of room leftover in storage areas after construction is complete or even provide an initial estimate on how long it will take if applicable. Contact us today at 0431 294 226 to speak to one of our experts.

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